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“Going on a game drive is a dream come true. It doesn’t happen to kids like us.

I never liked conservation before. It was just a theory and we never had a chance to experience it. Now I am starting to understand conservation. I feel good about our wild places and our wild animals.

I wish they were better protected so future generations will also know the wild animals and their roots. I want to use my photos for other learners so they can turn theory into reality.”

Proud Ndlovu, Phendulani High School, Acornhoek, Mpumalanga

“It’s such a good thing to let us know about our wild places.

 I feel so special to be learning about nature and photography.”


Tharollo Shayi – Relebogile High School, Namagale

Our wildlife needs to be better protected.

Photography can send that message out.”

Van Rooy Sondlane – Facilitator, Seeds of Light NPO, Acornhoek

“Conservation is vital because animals need to be protected

in order that the next generations can see them.”

Bridget Mokoena – Hoedspruit High School, Hoedspruit

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